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All About Sleep

All About Sleep

This is the first in our health series of blog posts, in which we give you the skinny on the latest health findings and practical tips you can apply to your daily life. 

With the amount of research being published on sleep, we think this is a good bedrock (pun intended!) for our series to help you live life to the fullest and thrive. 

You know how dreadful you feel after a bad night's sleep, but do you know how many advantages there are to your health when you get the perfect night’s sleep? Check out our 8 tips to a perfect night’s sleep below and see how many you can implement over the next week.

Make sure to take a little time in the morning to really take notice of the quality of your sleep, monitor your energy levels during the day, and let us know which tips work best for you on our Higher Tea Facebook page! OK, here we go:

1) You've heard this one a million times but do you do it? Stop watching television, using your smart phone or computer at least an hour or two before heading to bed. The light from the screen disrupts your body's natural wind down. Instead, meditate, read, chat and drink a cup of caffeine free tea.

2) Start your day by stepping outside and soaking up some sun. The UV helps boost serotonin (known as the feel good hormone) and regulates your energy for the day ahead. Good for the body, good for the brain, good for the soul. Enjoy that sunshine!

3) Don't drink caffeine after lunch. Higher Tea stocks many caffeine free teas including our flagship nine-herb herbal detox blend, calming chamomile tea, pure peppermint leaf tea and more! Browse our entire selection of caffeine free teas and many more. Drinking tea is a great ritual, making it a part of the end of day wind-down and gives you a chance to slow down, savor something delicate and delicious and relax.

4) Make your bedroom a sanctuary. Invest in wonderful bed linen, a good bed and mattress and air them all regularly, putting the mattress out in the sun if you can. Lovely calming scents (we love Jo Malone) can be therapeutic as well. If you do some research on aromatherapy essential oils- lavender, bergamot and chamomile are good picks.

5) Listen to guided meditation or soothing sounds for relaxation. We particularly like SleepStream 2, a leading sleep and relaxation app for iPhone. Developed with sleep experts and hypnotherapists, SleepStream 2 plays soothing sounds from nature, gentle audio atmospheres, music and hypnosis audio tracks to aid in sleep, relaxation, meditation which has been a god send since launching my new business Sell Global Listings

6) A cool room with a warm bed is preferable to an overheated, stuffy room. A goose down duvet is an investment you'll never regret!

7) If you can't sleep, get out of bed and do something useful. Don't look at the clock. Instead, get up and read or take care of things around the house until you feel sleepy. But make sure not to turn on the television or look at your Facebook feed (see Tip 1).

8) Even if your sleeping habits aren’t perfect, waking up and go to bed at the same time every night is a big step in the right direction. This helps your body settle into a routine which will help energy levels and maintain hormone balance. You will easily develop good sleeping habits as you'll be tired at bedtime and fresh in the morning! 

Sound like an easy plan to execute? Too hard? Let us know what has worked for you and share your favorite tips. No single thing can make as BIG an impact to energy, well-being, performance and immunity as a good night’s sleep. As the mother of a baby who is not a good sleeper I must say I envy those of you who can! 

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post. We’ll discuss our Five Stress Busting Tips and how to manage the stressors of daily life.

Till next week,