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Beautiful and Beneficial Blooming Tea

Beautiful and Beneficial Blooming Tea

The popularity of flowering teas are on the rise. This makes for a beautiful gift for a friend or loved one. In addition to the beauty of the display, the tea itself is beneficial to your overall health.

What is Blooming Tea?

Organic blooming teas, otherwise known as flowering teas, are hand crafted bundles of herbs and flowers that are placed in water. Hand sewn teas have been a part of Chinese culture for hundreds of years. In the 1980’s, developers in China created showier bundles of flowers.

How is The Bundle Made?

These bundles are particularly delicate and require a skilled individual to hand tie the buds of tea plants. The leaves are processed per usual into tea; typically green, but sometimes black.

In order to construct the bunch, the leaves need to be moistened and then are shaped by hand. The bud goes in the middle of the bunch and then it is surrounded with the leaves. Usually, there are about 20 leaves sewn into the shape of the bundle.

The creator will use food safe string to sew the leaves into place. A cloth is often placed around the leaves to aid in drying and help them stay in the intended shape.

What is Needed For Flowering Tea?

Many people choose to place these hand tied bundles into glass teapots. You can place the bundle in any pitcher or pot, but you lose the beauty of the flower. As the buds steep, the flower unfolds in the water.

If you do not have a glass teapot, you can use a champagne glass or clear pitcher to watch the beauty develop. Plastic glasses and pitchers will obscure the view. Glass is your best bet to see the handcrafted buds unfold.

How to Brew The Hand-Tied Bundle?

Organic green teas and white teas generally taste the best when steeped in water that is just under the boiling point. When it comes to flowering teas, water that has been brought to a boil can actually help the buds open up and “bloom”. For these bundles, you will want to bring your water to a full boil.

Place the bundle in the bottom of the teapot or pitcher and then slowly pour in the water. You will want the water to gently fill the pot so as not to disturb the bunch.

Unlike normal green and white varieties that only steep for a few minutes, these bundles should sit in the water for up to 20 minutes without making the brew taste bitter.

Flowering Teas Make For A Unique Gift

Hand created bundles of leaves and blooms make for a very unique gift item. If you are planning to give this to someone, be sure to get them a pot that will display the beautiful bunch.

With the holidays right around the corner, this might make for the best gift for someone in your family. Not only does it make for a pretty display, the tea tastes wonderful and is beneficial to their health.