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Detoxing with Tea

Detoxing with Tea

There is a lot of information out there regarding using tea as a way to detox the body.  Just a quick internet search lists articles that try to answers questions like, “Does using Tea to Detox the Body Really Work?”  “How do I use Tea to Detox?” and “The Truth about Tea and Detoxification: What do I need to Know?” When it comes to the body, many of us want to do the best we can, but how do we know what information is useful and what is hype?

A great place to start is identifying why detoxification if right for you, then deciding what is out-balance in your body, and then learning more about teas and herbs and what they do.  Pre-packed detox teas that are catch-alls for several different ailments are probably not the best bets.  These don’t support a more individualized approach the body and since, many contain minimal amounts of herbs, they might not be the most effective in addressing your body’s detoxification needs.   Each cup of tea made with these would result with a weakened herbal mixture that would have little effect on the body.

Teas made from the Camellia Sinensis plant are known to have a natural detoxification effect on the body.  There are four different varieties of tea based on the amount of processing.  They are white, green, oolong, and black.  Oolong tea in particular, has shown to flush fats and toxins from the body.  Oolong tea is a semi-processed tea and remains rich with numerous polyphenol compounds.  These are responsible for helping to break down fats and toxins and flush them from the body.  Just regularly drinking oolong tea on its own will have a far-reaching detoxification effect on the body.  There is even new evidence drinking oolong tea stimulates enzymes that inhibit the growth of future fat cells.

Many herbs also have detoxification effects on the body and oolong tea is an excellent base for blending a detox tea.  Herbs like turmeric root, peppermint, cilantro, dandelion and stinging nettles all can be made into a tea on their own, or if looking for a more traditional tea taste, can be blended with oolong tea to create a personalized detoxification elixir.

Detoxification properties of herbs can be potent and beneficial to maintaining the proper balance in the body. Both turmeric root and dandelion can help flush toxins from the liver and promote bowel and digestive health.  Dandelion and peppermint help combat bloat by easing excess gases from the digestion track, while cilantro is excellent for helping rid the body of heavy metals from organ tissues. Cilantro has natural cleansing properties that bind themselves to heavy metals to flush them from the system. Finally, stinging nettles helps the body resist microorganisms which helps with alleviating seasonal allergies.  

Detoxing with tea can be a confusing process.  Knowing your goals and identifying what you want to gain from detoxing teas can create a solid foundation to successful detoxing and achieving optimal health.