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The Benefits of the Tea Drinking Lifestyle

The Benefits of the Tea Drinking Lifestyle

Once upon a time, a monk sat to meditate outdoors.  He poured himself some warm water to sit and cool to drink after meditation.  After some time he opened his eyes and noticed the wind had blown a few tea leaves into his cup and infused the water into a delicate drink.  He took a sip and not only was it delicious; it inspired a place of calm in his being.  From this, tea drinking was born.  Creation myths like these are often centered in tea-drinking cultures.  The details in stories like these vary; sometimes the central character is an emperor or prince, but the theme is always the same.  Someone, usually someone who is leading a pure life, is contemplating human existence while spending time in nature, and after some time, the main character’s eyes are opened to a new drink divinely gifted to humanity via a universal force.  

Because of tea’s divine discovery, tea in society started to evolve from a way to flavor simple boiled water to be a tool to define and support personal values.  People started to focus on community and working, living, and creating together.  New philosophies emerged that put emphasis on support for one and other and survival through a group rather than for an only few. Tea was an excellent partner to communicate these societal shifts.   Society members were expected to be healthy physically mentally and emotionally to be productive members of society, and tea played a part supporting balance in those areas.  

Teas started to play a greater role in people’s social lives, too.  Tea started to bring people together for socialization and interaction. Tea ceremonies arose to honor the role tea played in society and cultural foundation.  Giving tea as a gift was considered highly respectful and inspired great reverence from the recipient. At one point in history, tea was so valuable, it was used as currency, (it is even still a commodity today.)  

However, one of tea’s most long-lasting legacies is its health benefits.  Tea supports healthy metabolism, circulatory health, and cholesterol levels.  It provides vitamins and minerals to support proper balance in the body, and its antioxidants support cell health to thwart serious illnesses likes cancers.    Drinking a variety of different types of teas throughout the day can promote a healthy lifestyle.  Each variety, whether white, green, oolong, or black, has distant flavor profiles and health benefits.  A great way to start to explore different teas is to sign up for a tea subscription service.  Each month a new tea would be delivered to you ready to explore, learn and experience.

Throughout time, tea has had a long standing tradition in many cultures. First discovered in Asia, many different regions throughout have woven tea into their cultures through creation myths, intertwined through royal linages, and even served as cornerstones of the community.  As a result, tea has been held in high regard while becoming an integral part of daily lifestyles.