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About Us

We Deliver The World's Finest Teas:  We source direct and sell the World's finest teas. We offer an awesome subscruption service where for $24.95 your have two bags of tea (80 cups) delivered every month. ONe of your favorite tea, and a new, fabulous tea to try.

Tea is Travel: We love the sense of adventure and exploration we experience from trying tea from every corner of the planet.

Our Tea is Zen! While everyone around you is losing their heads and going faster and faster, we help you find an oasis of calm and indulgence by taking time out to enjoy the ritual and savor the flavors of perfectly brewed tea. 

Our Tea is Made with Love: As a family run business based in New Zealand and founded by a qualified Naturopath we pride ourselves on selecting the finest hand picked teas from premium suppliers, and all blending is done by hand in small batches in the US. We always choose Certified Organic and Fair Trade suppliers.

Tea is the Healthiest Habit: Do take a look at our Higher Tea Facebook page where you'll learn more about our tea and the wonderful health benefits, as well as the places it comes from, before being delivered fresh to your door. 


Sophie Howard
Founder, Higher Tea